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Big Red Barrel UK PodcastBRB UK iTunes

BRB UK is the longest running podcast I’m involved with. Originally starting the hosts of Dan Gibbons, Tim Hibbs and Jon Brady, I started to guest on the show before taking over when Jon left in 2014.

I’ve been co-hosting and editing this weekly show ever since.


Ring the BellRtB_V05_Feedburner

Originally, I’d grown sick of wrestling and didn’t want to cover it on The Podcast of Wisdom anymore, opting instead to start a new show and hand the reigns over to a new host. This didn’t exactly go according to plan and before I knew it, I was part of a five-man wrestling podcast.

Now widdled down to a three-man show, Andrew Tanner & Ross Bell tend to lead on their own now with me jumping in when they’ll have me.


The Podcast of WisdomTPoW_V05_iTunes

This show is not just the flagship show to The Palace of Wisdom but it’s also my first podcast. Originally created so I could stay in touch with my friend Andrew Tanner (who I left behind in Hampshire while moving onto Londonshire). We started out by using The Podcast of Wisdom to go over all the biggest news covered by the site that week and eventually turned it into a kind of talk-comedy podcast.

There were more episodes before this point but sadly they were lost in a freak server accident.


Red Wine GamersRWG_V04_iTunes

Much like Ring the Bell, I’d decided to spin The Podcast of Wisdom’s video game section off into a show of its own. For this I called in my good friend (and the only person I knew living in London) Neil Aitken and then later down the road we got another guy Will to act as third-chair.

After Will left the show and I’d joined up with BRB UK, we decided to end Red Wine Gamers. Though Neil and I are looking to start some new projects together down the road.


Guest Spots iTunes_Alt

If you’ve not guessed it by a number of shows I’ve done over the years, I like to talk… a lot. So every now and then I’ve been known to guest on other podcasts for a change of scene.

Here’s a collection of the times I’ve invaded other people’s shows.


Unaired Pilots

Hey, nobody’s perfect.