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Gone Fishing

Hello there reader of this here blog post.

This is just a quick update to say that I’m likely to be quiet over the next couple of weeks.

Since joining Big Red Barrel’s UK Podcast, I took it upon myself to take charge of the show’s production – including planning out each show, editing, publishing, filling in as lead host in place of Dan and more. All this and ensuring that each show goes out weekly without fail, a challenge that has been… well, challenging really.

As of episode 218, I have officially recorded and produced one hundred straight episodes in a row without missing one at all. During this time I’ve moved home twice, covered events, been made redundant from my role at the ICR, and lost two friends and my cousin along the way. Add those stresses to plans that have fallen through or technical issues with the show itself that gave me sleepless nights along the way and you can probably see why I need a bit of a break.

It’s a bit of a half-holiday though as I just want to take a couple of shows off from talking, I’ll still be organising and editing the shows – so you don’t have to worry about anything going on there, but I’m probably going to take a break from any writing/video work too.

Anyway, I’ll be back for episode 221 of BRB UK and hopefully back to normal from that point.

See you soon.

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