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Animating Regular Features

So yesterday I finally finished my first batch of videos for my series Press Start, which focused on five animated versions of the BigRedBarrel UK podcast. I really like the idea of animating podcasts so I’ll be sticking with that, but the question next is which show am I animating next.

I’d been asked on more than one occasion if I could do more videos based off of BigRedBarrel shows but I really wanted expand out a bit and focus on a podcast that doesn’t focus on me or people I know. Deciding a Twitter poll would be the way to go, I gave four choices of shows I have in mind; Regular Features, Podquisition, Plumbing the Death Star or Daft Souls.

The winners were Regular Features, which I’m happy with as I’ve been going to see them record live each month. And so I knocked up a quick concept image, tweeted it out and then shopped it around to the podcast members after their shows – reactions to this idea were positive by everybody involved  and I’ve been waiting to finish up with my last video before finally starting work last night.

Regular Features

My idea is to probably focus on five videos – The Radio Show from 176 (split into 3 shows), Bird Story from 189 and I’d really like to do the Big Bird AMA from 145 – before moving on once again and finding something new.

Progress is coming along really well after just a couple of hours, I’ve tweaked the character models and attires to a bit (I  still need to work out what to do with Steve and add some hand tattoos to Gav), and I’m really happy with the way it’s going. The challenge will be that I fully intend to go all out with cutaways, to be in keeping with the style of show Regular Features.

Anyway that’s it, just wanted to give a quick update on animation plans and will probably keep using the blog to post updates. Hopefully I’ll have something to show off real soon.

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