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About Coleman

Coleman (or Chris if you like) is a sometimes writer, attempted animator and big mouth podcast producer.

He was first introduced to the entertainment industry as a member The Palace of Wisdom staff as a writer first before introducing podcasts to the site. He was the host and producer of the Podcast of Wisdom, Red Wine Gamers and Ring the Bell – focusing on talk/comedy, video games and wrestling.017d6e3

From there he went on to BigRedBarrel to once again work as a writer before being brought on to guest host on the BRB UK Podcast. This would later become a permanent position with Coleman taking on a role as co-host and editor of the show.

During his time at BigRedBarrel, he decided to learn how to animate and began work on Press Start: An Animated show about Podcasts. He has also produced and edited videos for both The Palace of Wisdom and Big Red Barrel for their own YouTube channels respectively.

During this time, Coleman has been working as a Web Developer for the Institute of Cancer Research in London. But after five loyal years is now looking to branch out into the gaming/entertainment industry.

Additionally, Coleman is a big fan of web design, something he’s been able to show off during The Palace of Wisdom’s numerous redesigns.